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A Message from David Bagby

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve recently moved our Taiwan office into a new building that offers twice the warehouse and office space compared to our previous facility. For you and our other stakeholders, this is great news. (Address details are available here.)

The fact that we’ve outgrown our original office in only six years demonstrates that we’re rapidly expanding worldwide and primed for future growth. Furthermore, having a strong presence on the island is critical to maintaining our supply chain during the shortages being experienced across the semiconductor industry, which are expected to continue well into 2022.

About 90 % of our chip manufacturing, testing, and assembly is performed in Taiwan, so having a local office means that we can establish and maintain closer relationships with our vendors. We speak their language, pay in local currency, and can work directly with them in real time to get product to our customers as quickly as possible.

The end result is that we are in the best possible position to deliver the level of service and support our customers expect, even in these turbulent times.

Stay well!

David Bagby
President and CEO, Alliance Memory


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